Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baseball Warning for Fans

The Texas Rangers incident in July 2011 not only raised awareness to the world of baseball, but it brought up the importance of preventing accidents. After the death of Shannon Stone occurred from a fall over the stands, the question regarding the required height of the railing came about. Baseball stadiums around the country have the required height of railing, however what is a course of action that can be taken to prevent accidents?

Regardless of word going around raising awareness to fan, something needs to be done to remind fans to be safe around the railings. One idea could be playing a short clip to remind fans the importance of being safe around the railing. Also, if accidents continue to happen then raising the required height of the railing would not be a bad idea as well. Having a death at a stadium from a fall is awful and raising awareness and protecting fans should be taken seriously and actions put forth immediately.

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