Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Expensive!

It is no secret how insanely expensive high fashion clothing is. People can easily be wearing thousands of dollars in one outfit. Thousands of dollars on a dress is a "little" excessive however the good thing is, is the adult probably wont grow out of it and can get some good wear out of their expensive outfit.
The new big enterprise is children's clothing, high fashion children clothing. In an article in New York Time is it discussed how designers are entering into designing clothing for children. Jackets for over a thousand and sweaters for over $500 are standard prices. The difference in this compared to adult clothing is kids grow right out of their clothes!!! How it is ethical in any way to buy and kid, who could care less what they are wearing a thousand dollar shirt is beyond me. There is a sense of wisdom. Being blessed with a lot of money hold the reasoning for responsibility, and wisdom.
Living in the world we live in should make individuals think twice before dropping $1500 on a jacket when people around the world just need a toothbrush. Going to Cambodia this last Christmas I was able to see what other people around the world are going through, which has helped keep myself in check. Seeing the article in the New York Times hit home for me and raised questioning.    
Children Designer                     

Society and Sexuality

I am doing my final paper over designer Tom Ford, along with the fashion industry as a whole objectifying woman and creating explicit sexual images. My main question is why is everything so sexual? Why is it true that sex sells? It all comes down to the fact that we are sexual beings.
Throughout history we see art, writings, sculptures and pictures of very sexual images by famous artist in history. Yes we are mammals and reproduce just like any other being, however we have a big difference and that is our thought process. Humans fantasist, we imagine things and are drawn to things that entice our senses.
By looking at the fashion world advertising sexual images to sell things does make sense. Seeing such images engages individuals. It grabs our attention and most people like what they see and as a reaction remember, and by the products.

Porn Codes...

The fashion industry set the scene for what is in style. They are the creators behind what is "beautiful" or "in style".  The size zero model is something we are all familiar with. It is a size that causes extreme poor health and sometimes death. Besides the small size, the other big aspect of the fashion world is sexuality. "Sex Sells" is a statement known by all. It is nearly impossible to avoid sexual images.
Tom Ford and Brian Atwood are two designers in particular who are openly known for their intense sexual images.
How much is too much? To what point do the images go beyond what people may call art or high fashion. In a lot of sexual fashion pictorials the women are discretely objectified. There is no shame with these designers who portray women this way. It is pure acceptance and there seems to be no questioning or wrong in their minds as to what their ads are saying.
The codes of porn are objectification, submission, violence and domination. Porn to many seem opposite of what many fashion ads are implying... but in all reality are they really that different?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Palaver Tree System

When looking at the Palaver Tree System ethics and a case in particular the first thing that came to mind that stands as a good example is a case I studied last semester. The case was over the fashion industry in regards to models and eating disorders. The Palaver Tree ethical chose that would best fit the case over fashion is no urgency. I found that the models in the fashion industry not only struggled with eating disorders because of an "expected look," but also for survival. The huge problem with the poor health of fashion models has no sense of urgency when it comes to change because a "skinny" model is the "ideal" look that has been pounded into designers and consumers brains as beauty. It was interesting to discover that the fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world. Because of its incredibly stance and power, change is hard to come by. A skinny model is what every designer looks for to walk in their shows. Therefore a sense of urgency to get healthier models is not a big factor of importance. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Moneymaking TV

According to the Nielsen Co., Americans on average watch television more than 4 hours a day! That fact alone shows why television shows, and movies make so much money. Television shows alone gain a ton of revenue thanks to their viewers. Fox news gathered in the revenue numbers of the top television shows airing today. American Idol, the top viewed show, made $6.64 million in ad revenue every half hour in 2011. That is a huge number considering it was only in ad revenue! One would think that American Idol being on its eleventh season would at least be lower on the viewing rates, but instead American Idol is still on top and making BANK!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Eating Meat Is Not Bad…

Eating meat has developed bad connotations, thanks to the growing interest in being a vegan or vegetarian. Many have seen the disturbing videos of animals being treated cruelly, being fed indecent food and being pushed around by a fork life, but what about the healthy farm raised animals? Many have forgotten why the roll of the food chain and humans eating animals is a crucial part of the economic system. I do not believe animals should be treated cruelly and be fed things like cornmeal which is a substance that cannot be digested properly in cows. Animals should be raised properly, fed proper plant sources like they are meant to eat and then eaten by humans. Think if humans and livestock all only ate vegetation. By eating meat there is a sense of equilibrium within our eco system. Also, over population of animals can cause many different issues such as filthy and disease. After an animal has grown up and developed it is wise to continue their contribution. For example say an owned goat does not produce valuable resources such as milk anymore, it would be wise for the person raising that goal to then continue their resourcefulness and use it to nourish themselves instead if just letting it die. Global warming has also became a big topic when it comes to the opposition of eating meat saying that people eating a lot of meat is causing problems towards global warming. Large scale farming areas however let off a lot of green house gases and causes a big problem to the environment as well. The over all observation is the importance of ethical equilibrium. The food chain process is an important, healthy way of life and supports crucial sustainability within the environment we live in.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apple News- iPad 2

The iPad... That thin, light, modern, sleek, hand-held computer touch screen that everyone seems to have has amped up its technology and came out with a new and improved iPad2 that has done quite well since they seem to be flying off shelves....

The new iPad2 has many new improvements. Some of the new features is stunning Retina display, a 5 mega pixel iSight camera with advanced optics for taking excellent pictures, quad-core graphics making the picture screen even more amazing, super fast 4G LiTE and provides the ability to watch HD videos....

What Apple will come up with next, I do not know... but it just keeps getting better and better... and more and more advanced!
Apple- Hot News