Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Break From the Internet "The Joy of Quiet"
I have never been the type to wake up every morning and rush to check my facebook, open up my twitter account, or type up a blog posting, but I still have to check them eventually. The article "The Joy of Quiet" relates to me personally with an understanding of craving stillness, quietness, getting away from the city and internet. The internet provided and excellent source of information, but sucks away privacy and the missing principle of getting to know someone in person.

The stress of constantly keeping up with text, facebook messages, tweets, emails, phone calls, voice-mail and blogging makes my brain feel over stimulated at times. As the author talked about traveling and how necessary it is to leave and get away from things, it reminded me of my trip to Cambodia. The fact that I had no internet service, or phone service was quite nice and it allowed me to enjoy the nature and culture of a different world apart from my own.  

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