Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hamlet's Blackberry Beginning

Technology has become a part of us as humans. As we rely on it on a constant daily basis we start to gain a sense of connectedness to it... a way of us as individuals being "connected" to the world. Reading Hamlet's Blackberry has made me step back and realize how technology effects my life. Like the book said, our technology sources like cell phones and lap tops has made our hectic lives seem easier to handle with our gadgets, however technology has become so much more.

When thinking about a dramatic stance technology is taking on our youth I think of personal proof. A friend of mine learned how to read from playing video games, and this was a child who grew up in a prestigious home and technology was a big part of his learning process. My little nephew learned colors, animals, and foods by a cell phone app my mother let him play with all the time when she watched him. It makes me wonder how different things will be by the time I have children.

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