Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Courthouse Crisis

Ever been to a Courthouse? That building in every major city that looks big and historic. They seem safe and secure with security and police officers constantly patrolling. I have been to the one in Tulsa, there was security everywhere and metal detectors right when you walk in the door. All of that may provide a sense of security and indeed does, however two current events have made the term "Courthouse" a hot topic.

A week ago there was a shooting at the Downtown Tulsa Courthouse. Yesterday, there was a shooting at the Beaumont Courthouse. For two very important structures in both cities, it is alarming to think how a shooting was even able to occur. Those buildings in particular are among some of the "most secured" in those cities, and it is scary to think of what is still able to take place under such circumstances.

Tulsa Courthouse Shooting
Beaumont Courthouse Shooting

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