Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Siri... the female voice of the iPhone... She is able to answer questions profoundly well and is used by just the press of a button. The well-known name has a story and meaning that defines the voice of the iPhone4.

The co-founder and owner of domain, Dag Kittlaus came up with the name Siri through a Norwegian translation meaning "beautiful woman who leads you to victory." Kittlaus loved the name Siri so much that he was planning on naming his first born Siri. His first born ended up being and boy, so he therefore could not use the feminine name, instead he decided to name his new, innovative product Siri. Siri ended up being bought by Apple and is now a house hold name, and known as a voice of help for all iPhone4 users around the world.
Siri's Name

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