Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Expensive!

It is no secret how insanely expensive high fashion clothing is. People can easily be wearing thousands of dollars in one outfit. Thousands of dollars on a dress is a "little" excessive however the good thing is, is the adult probably wont grow out of it and can get some good wear out of their expensive outfit.
The new big enterprise is children's clothing, high fashion children clothing. In an article in New York Time is it discussed how designers are entering into designing clothing for children. Jackets for over a thousand and sweaters for over $500 are standard prices. The difference in this compared to adult clothing is kids grow right out of their clothes!!! How it is ethical in any way to buy and kid, who could care less what they are wearing a thousand dollar shirt is beyond me. There is a sense of wisdom. Being blessed with a lot of money hold the reasoning for responsibility, and wisdom.
Living in the world we live in should make individuals think twice before dropping $1500 on a jacket when people around the world just need a toothbrush. Going to Cambodia this last Christmas I was able to see what other people around the world are going through, which has helped keep myself in check. Seeing the article in the New York Times hit home for me and raised questioning.    
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