Sunday, April 15, 2012

Palaver Tree System

When looking at the Palaver Tree System ethics and a case in particular the first thing that came to mind that stands as a good example is a case I studied last semester. The case was over the fashion industry in regards to models and eating disorders. The Palaver Tree ethical chose that would best fit the case over fashion is no urgency. I found that the models in the fashion industry not only struggled with eating disorders because of an "expected look," but also for survival. The huge problem with the poor health of fashion models has no sense of urgency when it comes to change because a "skinny" model is the "ideal" look that has been pounded into designers and consumers brains as beauty. It was interesting to discover that the fashion industry is the second largest industry in the world. Because of its incredibly stance and power, change is hard to come by. A skinny model is what every designer looks for to walk in their shows. Therefore a sense of urgency to get healthier models is not a big factor of importance. 

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