Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Eating Meat Is Not Bad…

Eating meat has developed bad connotations, thanks to the growing interest in being a vegan or vegetarian. Many have seen the disturbing videos of animals being treated cruelly, being fed indecent food and being pushed around by a fork life, but what about the healthy farm raised animals? Many have forgotten why the roll of the food chain and humans eating animals is a crucial part of the economic system. I do not believe animals should be treated cruelly and be fed things like cornmeal which is a substance that cannot be digested properly in cows. Animals should be raised properly, fed proper plant sources like they are meant to eat and then eaten by humans. Think if humans and livestock all only ate vegetation. By eating meat there is a sense of equilibrium within our eco system. Also, over population of animals can cause many different issues such as filthy and disease. After an animal has grown up and developed it is wise to continue their contribution. For example say an owned goat does not produce valuable resources such as milk anymore, it would be wise for the person raising that goal to then continue their resourcefulness and use it to nourish themselves instead if just letting it die. Global warming has also became a big topic when it comes to the opposition of eating meat saying that people eating a lot of meat is causing problems towards global warming. Large scale farming areas however let off a lot of green house gases and causes a big problem to the environment as well. The over all observation is the importance of ethical equilibrium. The food chain process is an important, healthy way of life and supports crucial sustainability within the environment we live in.

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